Better Off - Yesenia Vargas
"Like Fear (1996) but Chilled Out"

Trigger Warning: Douchebag BF with anger & violence tendencies.

I received a free Audible copy for review from the author.

I loved this! It's very refreshing and realistic. I can easily see Arianna living in the better neighborhood near me. Myra reminds me of my best childhood friend.

I loved how Facebook and texting were included, how their relationship moves slowly through the awkward getting to know each other and nervousness.

The narrator did an amazing job with Arianna and Myra. Her voice changed and dragged out slowly for the guys, which was realistically annoying. Dudes, just spit it out!

The only thing is it's a contemporary romance "with a not so conventional HEA". But it's not an actual happily ever after with a couple like most would expect from romance. It's a happy ending that I loved but the real HEA comes with the first book, Without You.