The Wrong Girl (Book 1 of the Freak House Trilogy) - C.J. Archer
I don’t remember how I first came across this book. It was a probably a freebie, tbh.
All I know is the cover was nice enough to give it a shot. Now I hate it, it’s so inaccurate! Hannah is nothing like that physically, pretty sure the dress isn’t right and the gloves aren’t either. She never wears them. And there really isn’t any point to having someone else on the cover.
Rating: It’s alright.

It’s not original and it’s really obvious where things are going most of the time.
Hannah lagging behind and being slow about it all does not help. Like towards the end of the book and she FINALLY thinks “there’s something more to this cure they created”. No fucking shit, girl. That was obvious the moment they wouldn’t fucking talk about and that ya’ll have no idea what it is. If it’s so revolutionary, people would have heard of it. How many “cures” could they have out at a time?

And that’s just the last in a long line of similar instances. The first of which is the very set-up for the story: that her narcolepsy sets off her friends fire power. That doesn’t make any sense. And even if that was true, wouldn’t they get rid of Hannah? Or at least try to unless Violet turned too volatile without her? That would certainly keep the girls in line.

This problem plagues the book and drags it down. The “shocking” revelations dropped on the oblivious doesn’t do anything since I was itching to get somewhere new, somewhere worthwhile. I was waiting at the finish line waiting for them to catch up. My first response to the ending was “Well fucking duh!”

Even though it brought more action eventually and a climax, the story didn’t really go anywhere. The characters may know more than they did before but I just received confirmation of everything I knew from the get-go. Without something compelling, there’s no point in going forward.

Everything else is just “not bad”. Except the Instalove. Ugh. Hannah swings so much on Jack and it’s all due to their “connection”. They’re drawn to each other. That’s all folks!
I was able to put it down and go without issue. TBH, it was hard picking it back up after I set it down the first time. It became easier as things finally started ramping up. But then again, I was stuck at work with it so it’s not like I had much choice lol.