Horns - Joe Hill
TW: Rape & Abuse

Fuck, I loved this.

It's part mystery, part horror, part psychological thriller, with romance and paranormal aspects. It's not the typical horror story but it works. It SO works. It's so human.

I have dozens of highlights, some paragraphs long, where I just loved the writing or the content. I love the thoughts on the Devil and God. I usually shy away from books with religious underpinnings or premise, seriously fuck all the urban paranormals with angels and demons, but this? This was fucking awesome. There's no moral condescending or preaching. It's human searching from the hearts of the devout while dealing in the muck of humanity.

I love how the plot twisted and creeped and the POV switched. The characters were so flawed and fucked up but I found it freeing rather than depressing. They weren't wholly evil, but as they confessed, you saw the root of their problems that caused them to "sin".

And the ending! OMFG.