Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill
TW: Rape and Abuse

Def. not as good as Horns but not bad. It’s not scary but I can’t remember the last time a book caused scares like a movie so it’s not a big deal for me. I really read this kind of thing for the dark, creepy, and twisted, which Heart-Shaped Box has in spades. I do like how it’s not the bloodbath type of horror.

It is pretty standard with the plot and genre tropes but eh. It was entertaining.

It did take a while to get into. I wasn’t feeling it but it wasn’t bad enough to drop before 100 pages. It got better but I could stop reading it for the night with no compulsion to continue reading.
I do not like how it uses the “metal fans are all disturbed: the women sexually damaged and the men perverts” stereotype for every.single.one.of.them.

The surprise guest at the end felt…off. I totally understand her seeking them out and everything. But the way they went about it…just didn’t mesh, which made it feel shoe-horned in.
There are a couple of things I noticed though….Since the book was right about animal companions, why didn’t he go back and read it again? It could have been right about other things.
And how did they get away from the trouble they caused in the Denny’s? Why didn’t they call the cops or press charges or anything?