Comeback Love - Peter Golden
It's alright. Not bad, I kept reading it, but I wasn't dying to finish and wasn't feeling it. I'm way out of the age range for this to hit home for me, so that's a factor. But the time is really interesting and the best part of the book for me.

I liked how it switched between the past and present to unravel their story and why Gordon came back. That was well done and kept me reading.

I loved the politics and issues being discussed in such detail, especially abortion. The medical information was organic and flowed, easily understood.

The romance isn't sweet or fun or even endearing. There's issues from the jump and they don't handle it well. Gordon and Glenna both fucked up really badly and it affected them the rest of their lives.

I wasn't rooting for them to make the second chance relationship work but to get their shit together and get closure in whatever form. They did talk it through so it wasn't like I didn't want them to together again, it was just secondary to progressing as characters for me.

The beginning of the prologue through me for a loop. While the ending is sweet, it seemed too easy.

But I think two factors kept me from getting into Comeback Love: I'm not that big of a fan of pure romance novels and the generation gap so YMMV.