Demon Song - Cat Adams
After two books that wavered between "Meh, could've been better" and **disappointed sigh**, I only started reading Demon Song because it was the book I had on hand.

Work was dead and I finished everything with half and hour left of my shift. Made it 32 pages before I clocked out. I don't see picking it back up. I just don't care and don't want to.


It was just like the previous books and if I liked the series, that'd be a good thing. But I don't. More fucking drama and Celia is being stupid about eating still. And I thought Emma was the reasonable, rational one. WHY and HOW did she wait 3 hours to bring up her brother needing rescue FFS!! Everything good is crushed by an avalanche of mediocrity. I can't turn my brain off and enjoy it.

Not the series for me.

(My previous reviews contain what exactly bothers me, didn't think it was fair to put it up here given how quickly I DNF'd it. It's a new record!)