The Hearts We Sold - Emily Lloyd-Jones


I LOVED Hearts We Sold!
  1. Both of my parents are addicts, my father an alcoholic and my mother self-medicated with drugs. Dee's home life with the emotional and psychological neglect and abuse is scarily accurate. My heart broke for Dee, understanding all too well <3</li>
  2. Dee's best friend & roommate who is understanding and supportive but doesn't push. She gets it without having to have it spelled out. Some people can't deal with our hang ups and messed up families. She's the amazing kind of friend I'm -used to having, rare as they are.
  3. Loved the present POV of Dee and the separate interspersed past tense for the background info, especially on James.
  4. Love how the first time romance isn't hung up on virginity and purity. She's sure, she wants it, it happens, she's happy.
  5. I don't want to give it away, but the reasons why they become heartless are amazing. I'm SO WITH IT!
  6. Daemon who Knits. Portals. Nerd Crews. Burrowers. Unique paranormal set up with a public Deamon population.
  7. Great mix of inter and intrapersonal drama and progression with action and unraveling the mystery of the Heartless, Daemons, and portals. -


The only thing that really bugs me is HEARTS AREN'T ALL INTERCHANGEABLE. Yes, magic, blah, blah, blah. But nope, that's too far. I can't accept it. It hurts to think about, my brain just screams in protest.

I was quickly sucked into Hearts We Sold and devoured it. There's great style, substance, and a more than typical cast of young adults. Beside the one hang up, I have no issues or complaints, not even with the adorable and quick instalove with Shaggy-like James.


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