The Temptation of Dragons (Penny White) (Volume 1) - Chrys Cymri
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I won this from a Booklikes giveaway. I entered because dragons! While I love dragons, I’ve admittedly never thought of a romantic relationship with one, so that’s new.
I was worried about the religion aspect since I’m an atheist. But it’s handled really well. It does have plenty of references, mentions theological discussions, hierarchy, sermons, praying, etc etc. It’s very natural due to our heroine’s job and she does the job well. It’s interesting to see the inside of small town worship.
  • I like how Penny handles herself and situations.
  • I loved Morey the griffon and Raven the dragon.
  • I did not like how [Spoiler] worked out. It was like she was two different people with no depth or justification. This is what hampered the ending.
  • I enjoyed the geeky references. The author clearly know what she’s about. 
  • I liked the family drama and character progression.
  • I loved the crime mystery.
  • I did not like how the experts missed a clue when they shouldn’t have and she stumbles over it.
  • I liked how it’s a slow building up.
  • There’s not romance beyond “dates”, interest and very flirting.
  • There is a love triangle, one that makes sense: Torn between normal human and the complicated and new feelings of riding a dragon.
  • I liked how it has a solid end and it mostly worked.
  • I LOVED the world building and magical, mystical, fantastical creatures. I fucking love the way dragons act. Some absolute shits, but that fits.
  • I WILL be continuing the series.


I did have some slight issues but it's enjoyable and worth it.
Recommended For: 
Fans of the genre and dragons. And if you don't love dragons, something's wrong. Note: I wrote this review after reading and it’s been sitting in this form for 2 weeks. I’d love to expand but can’t. I don’t know why.


Have you ever gotten stuck like this writing a review for a book you enjoyed?