Masking for Trouble - Diane Vallere
The Good
+Liked Margo, her pathology
+Positive therapy rep
+Didn’t see the culprit or ending coming
+Liked the details & intricacies of the relationships, town,
+Unique protag and setting There is a loose end...
+Plan to continue the series

The Bad & The Other
=Lots of em dashes mid-sentence to clarify who Margo was talking about, e.g., “I waited until she left—the waitress, not Bobbie—before resuming the conversation.”
-Info dumps sprinkled throughout for details on the relationships, businesses, and city
- “Didn’t realize we were going for a couple’s costume” MY FAT ASS! Makes 0 sense.
-Ebony and Tak feel like stereotypes

As you can see, I agree with the all the praise listed above and don’t have much to add besides the less than stellar aspects.

It’s exactly what I look for in a cozy mystery. It’s all about the people, the relationships surrounding the crime and Margo’s an amateur snooping around. It doesn’t take over her life since she has to run her shop and there’s reasons why law enforcement isn’t getting it done.

My favorite thing about Margo is her pathology. She has issues and reasons for those issues. It’s a life-long problem that she’s aware of and dealing with. I adore the fact she takes about coping mechanisms and therapy is a positive experience.

Her and her dad are so cute. Hell, cute is a great way to describe most of her relationships. Though her romantic life is messy. And I cannot forget her adorbs kitty, Soot.

I can’t say much about the mystery besides the fact I didn’t see that coming. The villainous exposition was a requirement because of the oh what factor. Unfortunately, there is a loose end that I’d love the answer to. I’m not quite sure how they would’ve pulled it off, TBH.