Danced Close (Portland Heat Book 6) - Annabeth Albert
This is my first Portland Heat book and I’m sold! This is another series that follows individual couples, and each reads as a standalone.

~I quickly fell in love with Kendall and Todd, together and apart.
~Love switching perspectives between them.
~The dealing with addiction and meetings rings true as someone who’s been around recovering addicts.
~Love how it deals with pronouns, gender roles, misogyny, and discrimination within the rainbow community.
~Love how Todd starts catching himself with gendered thinking and speech.
~Love how Kendall has to catch himself about assumptions with food and money.
~There is no dramatic meet-cute for them because they meet through work, which I appreciate as more realistic and endearing.
~They start slowly physically, before ramping up to hot, perfect, explicit sex scenes. Don’t worry, they don’t forget the sweet, the cuddling, and the fun along the way.
~There is the commutative failure to sow drama and discontent between them, so they can come together stronger in the end.
~Things do go predictably, but that’s a feature rather than a bug.

Absolutely perfect for contemporary romance fans looking for m/m couple and progressiveness.

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