The Hunt  - Andrew Fukuda
I won a copy of both books, The Hunt and The Prey through a giveaway on The Reading Date.

The Hunt is different than the other vampire books I’ve read. The world, the protag set up, the vampire society. I love how they justify humans aka “hepers” as being a barbaric and atavistic. It’s a dystopian horror with action, drama, suspense and a bit of instalove. Thankfully, the romance doesn’t steal the show though they are stupidly in love.

I just wish we had more background information. Like how the vamps came about and their society. It’s fascinating. It’s the best of traditional vamps with new tidbits that mix and match so well. Their social gestures and the armpit thing? OMG.

Gene’s life masquerading is terrifying and the consequences of his thinking like them is heartbreaking. It’s very well done. The scene with the little girl in kindergarten is still haunting me. Again, I’d love more information like how the hell they figured it out and got their supplies. But that wasn’t enough to hinder my enjoyment or yank me out of the story completely.

Thankfully, I have The Prey right here to read once I’m done with this review!