The Killer in Me - Margot Harrison
For the second time, my new method of picking book tour reviews scored a hit. This time it’s the creepy psychological thriller The Killer In Me.

Nina is living a nightmare. Every time she sleeps, she meets The Thief, an unknown methodical serial killer. Is she hallucinating, an accomplice, or another victim?

The Good:
• + Love Nina & Warren as people and as a team
• + Love how it detailed Nina’s journey trying to cope
• + Positive family relationships
• + Kept me guessing
• + The ending was exciting, & right, even though it made me scream at the characters.

The Bad & The Other:
• Looking back, I see all the signs & clues I missed. D’oh! But it works so well while reading.

Nina is an interesting MC. The effects of her…predicament ring true with how she’s trying and failing to cope. Her family story is both common and unique giving something to relate to and something different to hold interest. Her mother reminds me of my mother when I was a teenager: seems permissive to the strict but is involved and balances discipline and freedom well. Positive family relationships are something that’s missing in YA terribly and The Killer In Me does well by Nina.

Warren is not the typical love interest either. His perspective was phenomenal. Nina brought the otherness, the hype, the topsy-turvy, and Warren grounded and rounded out the tale giving readers something to hold onto. His interest in film making is a great inclusion. I wish Nina had a hobby too, but she’s a little wrapped up in something else…

I loved how and why Warrenina fell out as kids. It highlights an important part of growing up female, sexism, and toxic masculinity. They deal with it but I wish Nina explained how it affected her to Warren. Speaking up is important. Warren knew it was wrong but he doesn’t understand how it impacted her, just that it did. Bridging that gap is how allies are made instead of just a sensitive guy that’s attracted to you.

I can’t speak on the plot much without spoiling it but it was creepy and startling with plenty of action. While reading, I completely bought into Nina’s logic and frame of mind. There was a post-reading duh moment wondering how we both missed the obvious, and that’s a sigh of great mystery telling.

Its climax and conclusion was unexpected. It was like a horror movie; I was screaming at the characters do it!! and don’t do it!! It was frustrating, but I understand their motivations. After all was said and done, all I can say is wow. No let down here.

If you want a dark and creepy book, a physiological thriller, or just something different, The Killer in Me is highly recommended.