Of Fear and Faith [Death and Destiny Trilogy 1] - N.D. Jones
I won a copy through a giveaway.

Initial Thoughts: Of Fear and Faith was pretty good. Felt longer than usual though I don't know why.

After getting through the first 50 or so pages, when I read it I was IN. When I set it down was the problem. I didn't have a burning desire to pick it back up. I didn't forget the characters or plot, it just...was...there.

The Good:
+ Liked the world building. Very different, well-thought out. African mythology inspired.
+ Liked how the soul mate nonsense deals with real life concerns and isn't discriminatory black and white like most
+ Sets up the series well, concluding the current mystery and leaving more to follow
+ Sanura dealing with the traumatized child was sweet and heartbreaking aka perfect
+ Loved the cast including the grumpy detective and meddling mother.
+ Adding the villain POV was brilliant, helped the pacing, suspense, and plot.
= Steamy perfection almost sex scenes and insta-lust

The Not-So-Good:
- Took while to get into. Assefa is closed off and mysterious, but found it dull until finally a hook appeared. Once we got to revealing who he is, interacting with Sanura and her fam I was here for it.
= Insta-love (obvious going in due to the blurb)
- Lots of repetition, both phrases, descriptions, ideas,
- Cover isn't accurate to how the characters were described (superficial)

Update 1: WOOT! Finished it for #ReadThemAllThon just in time at work today.