The Omen Machine (Sword of Truth, Book 12) - Terry Goodkind
I've tried 3 times to finish this book. I just can't do it and I'm the kind of reader who always finishes my book. I can count the number of books that I haven't finished on my fingers. Sadly, this book is now among them.

These are not the characters I grew to love in the SOT series. I was annoyed with the seemingly endless repetitive preaching in the last books of the SOT but still enjoyed the characters and loved the series. The Law of Nines book had an interesting premise but honestly fell flat for me. It was disappointing to see the author's libertarian beliefs just trumpet all over the book and take over. And now the author has just shat all over the once great series with this addition. I was so hopeful that this book would be a great return to the characters and place I've loved so much.

Unfortunately, I will not be reading any more if this series is continued.