The Confidant: A Novel - Helene Gremillon
I won a free ARC copy through a giveaway.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were so well done. Each complex with their own voice that shines through. While you won't agree with their decisions you can see their reasoning and how well it fits with who they are. All of them extract a response, several responses usually, and nothing is simple. I didn't have a problem at all with the speed or pacing. I was so wrapped up in story. It really is riveting. The plot twists and turns leaving your stomach in knots. I just couldn't put it down.

While I'm sure there are other books along the same plot idea this book just does it so well. Even if it sounds contrived and over done and you think you know where the story is going before it starts, I still recommend it. I highly recommend it for everyone really. If it doesn't surprise you, it will at least draw you in and entertain you. Now it's an easy read but it's not light. It deals with heavy topics with a backdrop of a very depressing and terrifying time. It's a drama. A small scale drama where things just cascade out of control. There's so much information given in the blurb so you know what you're heading into yet that knowledge won't spoil the journey at all.

I liked the resolution. Personally, (serious spoiler)I still do not like Mrs. Warner but if she clung on I have no doubt I'd straight up hate her. I just connect far more with Annie and didn't find Mrs. Warner's reasoning compelling. She's not even remorseful. I find Annie the more sympathetic and reliable narrator. Louis is so sweet and he really does love Annie so much. I respected Mr. Warner's level-headedness in the beginning and then he just became a big ol' coward.

There were minor issues with the writing where I had to re-read to get it but I think that's mostly due to translation. I actually liked the writing for the most part. I like how the typeface changed for each character and didn't have a problem remembering who was narrating.

The ending paragraphs were very moving. I sat for several seconds just feeling it. Then my brain kick it when I realized there was no afterword and it was really the end of the book. That just irritated me. It was just left hanging on what happens next. I don't expect nor want the next 20 years, how about just the next day? Seriously, after the roller-coaster of ride I went though the track stops in the middle of nowhere leaving me to hike the rest of the way. I feel owed to the confrontation between Camille and the remaining parties of this sordid affair. Without this, I'm not satisfied and that's the main reason why this book is 4 stars instead of 5. I loved the book, I just hate lose ends.