Witch Weigh - Caroline Mickelson
I won a copy from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

For what it is : 3 Stars
For me : 2 ½ Stars

The Money Quote:
“So you’re saying the real problem is that I am acting like a witch?”

Her aunt leaned forward and shook her head. “No, my dear, the real problem is that you’re acting like a bitch.”

A cute, short paranormal romance with a bit of comedy and a lot of sass.

It's a turn your mind off for an hour or so and just enjoy it kind of read. If you just need a break or change, I think this novella would work well. It reminds me of an adult version of Beauty & The Beast, Shrek and the '90s Freaky Friday.

Hey, don't judge me! I'm a mother and it's not as lame as it sounds.

It works and it's fine. Just average and really a “meh” for me. Escaping for a moment into was enjoyable but as soon as I stopped reading, it faded quickly. Not really memorable. It's really obvious where the story is going to go before it even starts.

Specifically Spoiler:
Just......don't think about it too much. I started to wonder what would happen next. I mean it doesn't seem like Liam is giving up his career so they'll probably end up living/working in the fat camp he runs.
Soooo...does she just give up her dreams and goals of teaching silent spells? It seems like it since she doesn't seem to have a job or any ties to where she lives. Sure, she has the coven but they seem okay with her just going off to live and work with a fairy. I mean she really got animated and cared about pursuing that dream, that job. Then she just gives it up. This coupled with the ending conversation about taming minxes made me more sad for and disappointed in Tessa than swooning in heart warmth.

The Spoiler Summary: (How I think Tessa would summarize it)
An uppity, self-centered career driven careless witch gets punished by her fellow witches. She is given a fairy godfather to first make her fat, shove her into a fat camp and work out her attitude. They fall in love. D'awww. Dude, steals her dream job accidentally and she gets pissed. He says fuck the job, let's go to the mountains together. She is swept off her feet and agrees. Forget all those hopes and dreams of teaching silent spells only her convent can do. They're in loovvvvvvvvve. They probably go back to his job, his life and she just assimilates into it.

I half expected the afterword to include how they found a murdered woman left in mountains. The case obviously goes cold. Ha, ha. * snort *

This would never happen to me. I wouldn't let it happen.
---Tessa Von Hellengaard