Murder With Puffins - Donna Andrews
Well, this one was indeed more focused on the mystery than the previous one and Meg certainly did more sleuthing herself. The author did up the amount of describing as well which helped with my mental picture and get into the story a bit more. I still have questions regarding characters such as why Micheal is so damn good about this all and so willing to bend over backwards for Meg. And when is Meg going to show any skills/interest in black smithing? The only thing so far as been the very begining intro of the first book and her discussing selling her wares in a store in the second book. What does she make? Black smithing is an interesting and different career from the typical cozy mystery, why isn't this being shown or brought more forward? I hope it is in the next book, at least give Meg some character of her own. Right now she's just an insecure rich girl that is a push over for her crazy ass family.

However, the only reason I decided to read the second book because the first book made me laugh out loud. This book did not. I understand it takes several books in a series for author's to hit their stride and get it right. It has improved over the first, which had lots of issues that bugged the shit out of me. Hopefully, the author stays away from the pitfalls of the first, and can make me laugh again. I'm willing to read the third, but am not very hopeful about reading the whole series as of yet. I'll just go book by book for now.