Wizard at Large - Terry Brooks
This is now getting very old. The series uses all the stereotypical fantasy tropes, is very predictable and uninspiring. However, I thought the books were okay because it was light, easy, made fun of itself and more serious fantasy books and was at least enjoyable. The series isn't making enough fun of itself and making light as much as before, which leads it to be tedious. It's not very involving. I don't actually care about any of the characters because they are mostly just caricatures of common tropes. After three books, it's really sad that it's hard or impossible to connect to the characters.

It's easy to see where the story is going, even if you can't pin point it exactly (which you usually can in this series). Very frustrating wanting to scream at the characters since you can see what's going to happen and where they should go, but instead are dragged along an uninspiring, boring trip that could have been fun and light bogged down by the author's delusions of a grand adventure.

It's so involving and doesn't grip at all. It's so easy to just put this book down and forget about it. No worried about forgetting any important details because there aren't any to remember.

I'm only going to read the 4th book because I'm the type of person who hates leaving things unfinished. There are literally only a handful of books I've stopped midway or series I haven't seen through to the end. If this series continues as is, I suspect this series will be added to that short list.