The Tangle Box - Terry Brooks
This book was much better in my opinion than the last two books. It took a nice break from the formula that was developing in the series.

Characters were far more fleshed out and realistic this time around. We actually got some understanding and insight about Willow, who now stands on her own more. She's still fits the fantasy trope of "too beautiful for words mysterious woman given to the lead man simply because" but at least now she has more of a goddamn personality.

It was great to finally learn more about other characters as well, such as Abernathy. Of course, predicable as this series may be due to his journey and the ending I have a feeling he will become a man again soon due to his personal growth and acceptance of who he is now. Again, with the "you're trapping yourself with magic, you must break it yourself" theme with the series. I am actually looking forward to reading the next book to see if this is true. I hope it doesn't fail where books 2 & 3 did.

The story was woven well with the three arches within. It was very interesting to see the way the Knight, the Lady and the Gargoyle interacted together. It read true and isn't much surprising with the revelations about the Lady if you know your fantasy tropes well. But it's still nice to see it shown in the book, it's growth from the previous books.

Still lots of repeating, dragging feet and predictability. It was at least engaging for me and I wasn't dreading reading it. Again, I must echo that this series really feels like a light, easy summer read version of fantasy. This book was enjoyable again for me finally. I have hopes for the next book.

This series is likely to bore some people and it clearly isn't in everyone's taste. Take it for what you will, just don't expect it to be something more. It holds no pretenses and I like the fact it doesn't try to be something it isn't.

At least, in my opinion obviously. There are some high praise in other reviews and far harsher words as well.