A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin
I loved this book so much. I was worried that I would get lost among all the characters and history. However, with a couple handy maps it wasn't an issue. There were honestly only a few times I needed to stop and look something up. It is still hard for me to keep tract of all the family lines and ties. That's been my weak point and why I hate historical fiction about royal families.

I know a lot of people have issues with this book for sexualization of children and being upset there is so much sex involved. I don't think there's a lot or too much sex in it. It's not described in detail or like a bodice ripper. It's quite plain and realistic, sex is sex. It's a mundane and common thing in life. I don't understand the issue people have with it in this book. I can speculate that they don't like it since sex is indeed normal and common, not some fairy tale magical transcendence so many books lie about. Or perhaps it makes them uncomfortable since sex is most often used to titillate and the scenes involving young brides weird the readers out when they try to put themselves in the scene. I definitely disagree with the people who claim the author wrote in so much sex like a horny 12 year old boy with no knowledge of sex. Sex is sex, stop trying to make it lofty and idealistic.

I do feel the need to add a TRIGGER warning. Rape is talked about a bit here and there in the book. The most describing was the girl being raped upon the fresh corpses of her village people. It wasn't described in detail or relished at all. The fact that it was described so bluntly and plainly made it all the more horrify to me since indeed in this world rape is the reality for those whose homes get raided.
( This is not to say rape isn't common place or the reality for far too many people in our world as well. I'm a survivor myself, which is why I feel the need to put the trigger warning for this book.)

I was drawn into this book completely. I love and loathe these characters and can't wait to see how things work out. I love lengthy, complete fantasy series, no dead or loose ends here! It's funny there are things in this book that seem minor but I loved finding out. Like who's owned the black cat and why it went feral in the castle. Oh, indeed, how I love the little things. It makes this universe so complete