Cornerstone Deep Echoes - Charlene A. Wilson
I won this book as a First Reads giveaway. I feel terrible about giving this book such a low rating. I really wanted to like this series and was looking forward to reading it. I just feel obligated to be honest in my review. It's nothing personal and this is all just my opinion.

Now if you liked the first book you will most likely love this book. Much of the problems in this book are the same problems in the first book, Cornerstone Deep. There are a few things that get compounded on and some new additions to the list of issues I had.

First things first: *Trigger Warning for Rape*. To know what you are avoiding: Anna gets harassed by Dressen, almost raped again and the douche gives her flash backs of the rapes. Which he does to try and win coerice and brainwash her back into his slavery. After one instance of Dressen harrassing and giving her flash backs, apparently Anna is just overcome by it and runs into Cole's loving crotch. Yeah, I don't buy that.

One new thing that bugged me in this book was the story. Yes, in continues from the first book's story, which is fine. I liked the first book's story. The problem comes in when the plot is moved by the same stupid jackassery by the characters, mainly Cole's. That gets old quick. Then there was the ending. It repeated with the gods stepping into save the day while everyone else was bumbling around incompetently.

Characters still have firm personalities but I find them all irritating. They remain the same and continue the same stupidity. If Cole wasn't a terrible person, by not telling Anna everything, being a condescending jackass and making the same stupid mistakes, there would be no conflict or plot. I mean even at the end of the book Cole is wondering why his father put faith in him to lead the sentinals. Your father is a douche, drunk on power and banking on your failure Cole, yet you still act like he's a great man? Still trust his judgement? Stupid. I'm sure Cole's insecurities about being the Leader of the Sentinals, wondering why his father put faith in him will continue in the next book to compound onto more stupidity.

At least Lindia cared about Anna just as Anna, not some play thing to fight over. Elaina is a timid wet blanket. She just worships Vince, leaves and breathes for his approval, and never stands up for herself. I find it rather disturbing how Vince treats her like a stupid child and doesn't talk to her like a woman, like a partner. Then there's Miriana. She started praying over breaking curfew as Anna. Seriously? Maybe letting go a bit was part of her soul's progression. Cole makes mention for a moment, a sentence of regret for losing her soul six lives progression and then just goes around being her big stupid condescending bumbling protector. James remains perfect, with one bumbling panic moment around taking care of the chilren, how sweet! There were some cute moments with James and Lindia being shy and insecure. Honestly, James does know how to treat a woman. Then I was cheering for the children with their bluntness, and insight. Too often people over looking how much children see and understand. The children were among the most sensible characters.