The Moon of Innocence - Uke Jackson
I won this in a First Reads Giveaway.

This is a beautiful short novel. I finished it in one sitting, didn't want to put it down and the book just flowed. It's so well written and many of the conversations in the book hold comebacks and tidbits that enhance everything. It really makes you think. The characters are vivid, come to life and jump out off the pages. I like the twist ending. I really didn't see it coming. Looking back, it feels like I should have but it was so well done. It's unsettling and not a happy ending, but it's fitting. It's the right ending and I liked it.

It does indeed have it's similarities with The Sorrows of Young Werther or Romeo and Juliet and draws inspiration from them I'm sure, yet it really stand on it's own. It recognizes those stories that comes before, adds upon them and twists the ending.

I now feel like reading Mr. Jackson's other works to see what I'm missing. Very well done, and I highly recommend this book for just about everyone.