Prepare - Geoffrey Germann
I was given a free copy from the author in order to give a rating and a review.

TL;DR Summary.

I loved it. There are minor issues like the cover, the blurb and some things left out that I want filled in during the next book but honestly, they don't detract much or at all. True, the book didn't get much in depth with characters, but it is the first book, it is more action centered and there's at least some involvement. It makes sense, for what we have. It did jump right into things, but I think it jumped too quickly. I wanted to know what happened but it was a struggle to get through the first bit since I had no idea what was really going on. The science read as believable, but I'm a layman, all the big fancy words convinced me. Ask a scientist how well done that part was. It was grounded in enough realism to get the job done, didn't distract from the story and it was indeed, readable and believable enough to continue reading. The author uses similes a lot, which is fine, and they are usually well done. However, there did come a point where I noticed how often "like" got used.

Of course, those are all minor things. I think the story, the action, the twists, and the characters were well done. It was a fun, fast enjoyable ride. Once I got into the book, I didn't want to put it down. I definitely recommend this book, especially for sci-fi and superhero fans. I'm thoroughly looking forward to reading the sequel.
The first 50,60 or so pages dragged for me. It starts off pure action but it was hard to get involved into. Maybe it was that I didn't have any background information. Maybe it wasn't an emotional grab for me because it read like a scientific report. Things were detailed and described but it was mostly emotionless, due to everyone being in shock or disbelieving. It really read as disconnected as the store clerk felt. Now, I still wanted to read it to find out what happened and to finish it, but it wasn't an impressive start for me. It then loosened up a bit, gave us more meat instead of energy drink action and I got hooked.

The Chief of Police VS the Steps, which is the beginning of Chapter 5, is an awesome, well done passage for a character. His description, history and who he is now really comes through superbly. Love that part. It keep rolling with Daniel and Adam in the training area, which I wish they had shown more of. It was funny, touching, made you feel their connection to each other and made you feel connected to them. Daniel's failings were with planning, something he's suppose to be good at but since this is a new endeavor he's missing key things. It was nice to see the growth of Daniel in this aspect. It seems too good to be true how quickly Daniel picks things up, trains his reflexes and moves quickly with the buttons.We kept being told how much training he did, but it would have been really nice to see more of it. It would help with making Daniel more real, more down to earth, get to know him better, explore his relationship with Adam more and get to know Adam better. Which would have also helped making the ending of Daniel's partnership with Adam more emotionally impacting.

For the end, I actually liked it. I get why some people had a problem with it but honestly, I liked the idea. It felt a bit James Bondish, a bit Heath Ledger Jokerish, a bit Unbreakable, and my favorite, a bit Criminal Minds in reverse. It was grand and added more to the story than just Batman/Ironman, and it also sets it up for more additions later on. It also is quite honestly one of the reasons why people love comic books, the wonder of "Could I be that good? Would I make that choice?". We rejoice the actions of heroes and applaud the downfall of villains, while seeing ourselves in the panels, while daydreaming of what could make us super, what choices we'd make and the good we would do.

I'm definitely looking forward to reading the sequel. I can see possibilities of where it's going and possible fill ins for things not included, possibilities for growth and possibilities for greater character development.

Hopefully, we get to see more of the mysterious woman that popped in and out to help save the day. Here's the thing about that. I like comic books. I want to read comic books. However, I cannot due to the sexism. I really can't stand it. Instead of making it enjoyable, it becomes a miserable reminder of a woman's place in society. I really really hope we see more this mysterious woman and that G.Germann doesn't let me down in the sexism department. As much as I love this book and want to read more from this author, if women are given the same treatment as in comic books, I will be miserable. It would be so disappointing. Please, Mr. Germann, I hope you or someone close to you has this in mind. Comics have driven a lot of women out due to this issue and I'd hate for that to happen with this awesome series.

I must say though, please, please, work on your cover and blurb. I get what you were trying to go for with the cover but I think it fell flat. Yeah, you can't judge a book by it's cover, (this book is better than it looks), but at the same time, a book cover is a person's first impression of a book. And you know what they say about first impressions.

I also think the blurb was off the mark. I think it gave away a part of Daniel before it was necessary. I think it would have been better to discover his past through the book, instead of reading the blurb and waiting for that shoe to drop all the way up to the half way point.