Last Diner Standing - Terri L. Austin
I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.

Tried of the same old trite cozy mysterious? Of the never ending love triangles that weeble wobble til it drives you crazy? Of the ridiculous plots with lack luster logic in a town where every knows everyone? Of heroines that claim independence and having moxie when all they do is faint and flutter their eyelashes? Of Ms. Perfect Gorgeous with a crew that devotes entirely to her but she never does things for other people and you question how anyone can stand her?

Want realistic regular people who are likeable and will call assshat an asshat? Want a mystery that keeps you guessing and you never see the end coming? Want to laugh out loud? Want a little heat but not a wildfire that scares even rabbits to stop fucking while the characters don't?

Then this is the series for you!

I actually enjoyed this one more than the last. There's more information on the cast of characters and we start to really get to know them. I really liked how the other side of people were shown, people that are usually demonized and shunned. It brought a nice balance. In the romance department the vying for Rose's affection from the entire male population has died down which lead the way for things to get rolling with one person. I'm warming up more to the main attraction dude though I share Rose's hesitation.

The case with helping Janelle was more emotional causing us to see connections, past and present, in a different way. It was a nice switch from everyone being tediously timid and only helping due to Rose's insistence on following a case. The two usual groups were doubtful, cautious and useless while everyone else kicked it into high gear. More laugh out loud moments while the dialogue, characters and actions usually left me smiling.

I was quite happy in general and have really no complains. Nothing stuck out at me as unreasonable, illogical or otherwise stupid. The clues were clues and the surprises were actual surprising. No nit-picking or little gripes. I don't know if I just enjoyed it too much to notice or there wasn't anything to have a problem with, but this nit-picker is rather satisfied.