Hollyweird - Terri  Clark
I won this book through a giveaway from Library Girl Reads.

This is a cute, funny, fluffy light, easy quick read. The blurb tells it all. Paranormal romance comedy - a genre I haven't heard of until now. Hell, maybe this author just invented it for all I know. It's not hard to see where the story is going but that doesn't really matter. Don't think about it much, just enjoy the ride like a good movie simply for the entertainment factor. I really do recommend this book it's just fun. The soundtrack is through ring tones that leads to the most hilarious literally laugh out loud moment of the book:

"Maybe Zeppelin was a little obvious?"

I could see this transferring well to the big screen. Please, please though for the love of God do the casting right.

If there's a sequel, I'll be checking it out and hoping it lives up to this book.

I think Des was my favorite character. She dress punk/goth but isn't the stereotypical depressed loner who abhors "normal" people who conform. She's the dark humor and I love that since I tend to use that kind of humor as well. I didn't find her made up words annoying. It makes me smirk since living language evolves through time and usage hence calling it "living". I find it funny when people complain about new slang being just made up words that aren't really words. Uh, hello isn't that all language? While Des has a dictionary full of her own lingo I can see how the cliquey-gimmicky feel of it can annoy people. I just don't see it the same way.

Jameson hit the right line for protective but respectful so he didn't come off as a controlling creepy type. I hate that so much and how that's so "in" right now. (Hint:Twilight) I also like the fact his and Aly's forbidden love isn't the most important thing in the thing book. That's just so fake and melodramatic. Jameson is all smirks and sarcastic but he's a good guy that could have gone wrong but didn't.

Aly was nice. I liked her perspective and her insights from her not wanting to be all fan-girly, not wanting to be disillusioned and her caring for those around her. She's the sweet home town girl and she's mostly defined in this book through her pain and relationship with others. I'm hoping she'll come more to life for me in the next book. She's not bad as is, she just felt a bit overshadowed to me. She is smart and not in the habit of doing dangerous stuff head first stupidly. She struggles but not in the classic useless damsel in distress way.

Missy, the dramatic diva sister of Aly is not left to be a 2-D character and has surprising depth to her. It's nice that she wasn't just left to be the antagonistic sister. She grows, or at least her character beneath the glam is revealed and it's a nice touching family moment.

Also, it was so nice for a group to come up with a plan that made sense and that actually worked for a change.

As far as the devil being in the details, I love how Aly and Jameson's names were like the font of the cover in the beginning of their chapters. Aly's font being the "Holly" part and Jameson's font being the "Weird" part.