Shadow of the Oak (A Sal Van Sleen Adventure) - Eric Edstrom
I won a copy of this book through a giveaway on Fundinmental - (Sorry, can't get it link correctly.)

This book is great for what it is and it's short engaging paranormal horror young adult book that makes me want to read the Eric Edstrom's other works. I really enjoyed taking a break to read Shadow of the Oak. This is a young adult book with characters that are young but don't let that scare you away. It's great for people of any age, including if you want a trip down memory lane of growing up in the 1980's.

If there's a kid (especially a boy) who doesn't like reading because it's boring, I'd recommend this book for them. It got action, best friends, and of course, a girl. It's well written with a clear, distinct voice and characters that pop from the page. It has all the necessary elements done well and delivers them in a short little package.

Great Quote:

Back when I was twelve, my mother started feeding a stray cat. Within a week, it had the run of the house. But then it became obsessed with a power outlet next to the refrigerator. My mom tried to break it of that habit by squirting it with a water bottle. It was a failure. The cat was immune to water aversion therapy. We had it for a total of nine days before it electrocuted.
Apparently, I learned nothing from that cat's brief, wet, and painful experience.

There's a lingering question I have regarding the monster, like how/why is it dormant and all of sudden pops up. However, that didn't really make a difference for enjoyment or rating. I mean the characters didn't even know. I wonder about it, which makes me want to read any continuation of the story (if there is any) and how the author is going to flush out the story. I just get into details and don't like the nagging questions left over personally.

And it is described as having triangle eyes yet the eyes on the cover look like regular cat eyes. Is the triangle just the eye sockets or the eyes itself (like the irises and all that)? I got the impression it was the eyes themselves. My visual image from the description in the book might be wrong though. I like the cover otherwise. ...Did I mention I'm the nit-picky type? LOL