Stitch - Samantha Durante

I wanted to be apart of this tour because I love dystopians. Honestly, one of my favorite preferred genres. I haven’t read ghost love stories before because they don’t appeal to me - not my cup of tea. However, I figured since the blurb guarantees that it’s not what it seems, the best way to find out about ghost loves stories is if it’s actually wrapped up in my favorite genre.


As far as Stitch is concerned, I was wrong. 





Liked the characters

Felt like nothing happened during the first half

Dystopian end was a step in the right direction

Didn't care for the ghost story

Back story is the best part, interesting

Predictable and formulaic


World isn't fleshed out or build solidly

The first majority deals with the whole straightforward ghost love story, which I wasn’t really moved by. I got to know Alessa, her best friend, Janie, and the perfectly bubbly movie star beautiful sorority head sister, Lizzie. And the ghost of course, but again, can’t say much there otherwise I would ruin everything. I did like the characters, I just found it all very standard fare and bland. The whole first half is under this fog with minor irritations that bloomed to full on frustration as it took soooo long to get to the twist I was waiting on.

The twist certainly was mind boggling and completely out of left field that finally moved the book into the science fiction dystopian genre. I did continue reading to figure out how this was all going to work. After 40 or 50 pages of flashbacks, I still can’t give a good picture of how this world works. It is rather typical dystopian set up and doesn’t include details needed to flesh it out at all. I kept asking basic questions about how it was all set up and wasn’t satisfied with the world building.

Then there’s this whole action sequence with pauses for dramatic effect (How were you no caught taking so long to get away?) and questionable logic (like what tool can put a hole in a pipe?). There’s mini-reveals that didn’t land for me because it all felt really formulaic at this point. The whole ending devastation for Alessa? I’m snorting and saying, well, duh.

There’s other issues like just how stupid some people came off because they kept saying “We don’t know” or “We know [this] but talk about several incidents that contradict [this] and be oblivious about it all”. The worst of it being they didn't follow through on some things that just seemed so common sense and basic. It felt like giant gaps I couldn’t move around or make sense of. The whole world is painted in broad, general strokes as is so I can’t even begin to try to parse this all out myself. It’s not even all big-important-keep-it-as-a-surprise in the next book, it’s stuff like how big is said place? One building or lots of buildings? What’s the division like? How many people are we talking about here?

As far as what I was looking for the second half-ish is definitely a step in the right direction nonetheless. The back story was really the best parts of the book. After the fog of first half lifted, I really starting liking the characters more because they made sense and were far more interesting and compelling to me. I love how it’s not including the typical love triangle as well but considering the holes in place I’m worried it’s not going to stay this way. (dun, dun dunnnnn love triangle! predication. No, seriously I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t happen.)

In the end, I’m wondering if the very reason I picked up the book may have been the downfall for me. The clash between the first part in an unloved genre vs. the high standards of one of my favorite genre second part was just too much. Does this mean I hated Stitch and don’t recommend it? No, I just recommend it more specifically and say it wasn’t personally up to par.


While I had my issues, I’m actually open and interested on how the next book turns out. The end is what I wanted in the first place and with where the storyline is going I think it’s quite possible to like the next book more. I mean without the problems of the beginning just not being my preference and I think I’ll get the facts I want just by the nature of where the character are going, so Stitch #2 isn’t necessarily ruled out.

First books in trilogy are usually susceptible to issues like not having it’s own storyline (not an issue here), having to open the door to a new world (started the foundation, but not really framed well), and leaving readers wanting to continue (true here).

Conflicted, lots of different pros & cons = 

Okay 2 stars


Recommended for:

 those who like ghost love stories, science fiction dystopias and won’t pick at the little things, I’d say definitely give it a shot. You’re more likely to love it, then hate it. There’s certainly promise and hope but I didn’t find it executed to my liking.

(Note: All my reviews are honest opinions. Obviously, subjective and I was not compensated for this review. I simply received a free e-copy of Stitch in order to review it as part of this tour.)